About Sandplay

Sandplay refers to the unique therapeutic method, developed in the 1950's by Dora Kalff, a Jungian therapist in Switzerland who stated,
"In sandplay it immediately becomes clear that the human being can come closer to wholeness. It becomes possible to break through the narrowing perspective of our bogged-down conception and fears and to find in play a new relationship to our own depth."
Sandplay provides clients with a safe and protected space to connect to the unconscious while creating scenes using miniature figures and a tray of sand. The trained sandplay therapist provides and environment free of judgement and/or interpretation thus making sandplay therapy profoundly effective when working with those faced with major life changes, grief, conflict, PTSD, and recovery from trauma, abuse and addictions.

My Story with Sandplay:

I discovered Sandplay during an early course in grad school while researching non-traumatizing methods to treat PTSD. I was encouraged by

the benefits of using Sandplay for healing trauma, loss, PTSD and the psyche, as referenced in the literature. With a desire to learn more, I embarked on my own Sandplay process with remarkable life changing results. Convinced Sandplay was extraordinarily powerful, I began my professional training in Sandplay studies. After ten years of education, personal depth work, & dedication to using sandplay clinically, I am now the only Certified Sandplay Therapist in San Diego County. Currently, I co-facilitate monthly sandplay trainings and discussion groups. I have personally witnessing the power of Sandplay while working with clients with PTSD, trauma, depression, those who are deeply grieving, and those who simply want to deepen their awareness of self.

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